Imi's Hair Salon

Welcome to IMI's Hair Salon in Old Trafford, Stretford – where style meets sophistication. Discover personalized hair care, expert styling, and a relaxing atmosphere. Elevate your look and refresh your spirit at IMI's.

Plan Your Visit to IMI's Hair Salon!

To ensure the best possible experience, we kindly ask our valued clients to book appointments in advance. Secure your spot and let us provide you with the ultimate hair care service. Book now and look forward to your session with us at IMI’s!

Where Style Meets Precision in Old Trafford

Discover the ultimate hair care experience at IMI’s Hair Salon, nestled in the heart of Old Trafford, Stretford. Our dedicated team of stylists and barbers are here to provide you with personalized services, from precision Clippers Cuts to detailed Scissor Cuts and meticulous Beard Trims. At IMI’s, your hair is our masterpiece. Book your appointment today and transform your look in the hands of experts.

Our Services

Clippers Cut

Experience precision and style with our Clippers Cut service. Ideal for those seeking a sharp, clean look with minimal fuss. Perfect for classic cuts, fades, and more.

Scissor Cut

Tailor your look with our Scissor Cut service. Best for custom styles and longer lengths, offering versatility and detailed shaping for a personalized finish.

Beard Trim

Neaten and shape your beard with our expert Beard Trim service. From subtle shaping to full grooming, we’ll help you maintain a polished and refined appearance.